Sugar Corner
So uh… yeah. About that.

Last two posts were kiiiiinda critical.

Sorry non pony followers :< Been kinda a one-trick pony lately!


…Annnnnyways, let me just say a few level-headed things here.

Back to my previous rant, I didn’t mean to come off as insensitive. I just seriously don’t understand how anyone could take a cartoon so adamently.

Then again, look at what I’m doing lol.

I mean, the fans wanted this. And they only made Derpy the way they thought the fans wanted her to be yanno? So it’s kinda a dick move to have it suddenly back fire.

But hey, I see how she’s offensive. She spoke in a slow voice, had wall-eyes that straightened out whenever she was dizzy (like when she got shocked) Dash was pissed off with her and stuff. So yeah, that probably bothered alot of people in general.

As for my second post with the image, I honestly have no idea if its true or not yet like I said in the post. Could just be another guy blowing off steam and/or just adding fuel to the fire. Not exactly a reliable source of info, so I’m more than likely blowing a gasket over just some fan’s pissy interpretation of the whole thing.

I loved the episode though, and I loved Derpy and all her silliness.

But to everyone who I gave the wrong impression to, and to anyone who felt legitimately hurt by this display and confused

I’m sorry. Very, very sorry for being a little too insensitive about something that even though me and my family, able bodied or not, found nothing wrong with it many others found offensive.

I am a little sad if the post about the company having to formally apologize is true. But this just shows they care about the screw up, so yeah.

Sorry guys.

~Sugar Plum